I am an experienced Counsellor based in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, offering private individual counselling sessions for adults on a long, medium or short-term basis. I offer a safe, confidential space for you, to discuss your emotions. Together we can work towards the changes you want in your life.

Often clients looking for counselling for the first time ask;

How can talking to someone I do not know help me?

Because often we feel alone with our difficulties however when we share how we feel and that is heard and understood, it feels good as we begin to understand ourselves better. Feeling safe to share those thoughts and feelings, that we all can have but do not always freely talk about it, is therapeutic.

Talking to a Counsellor about your feelings can help you begin to understand the situation you are struggling with and why you feel the way you do. This helps you to find out what is important to you – opening up the possibility of healing painful emotions. Counselling can be long or short term depending on what you need. I can help you to;

Explore your present situation and this may help you feel more positive to change the things, that you feel need to change.

Find a way through your difficulties, to get more out of life and enjoy better relationships, it might just change your life!

Whether you are thinking of Counselling for the first time or have already had Counselling in the past, it can still feel daunting to reach out and ask for help. I understand this and how difficult choosing a Counsellor can be, it takes courage.

Committing to Counselling is a big step and by making that first contact you have already begun to overcome some of your fears and are getting ready to start your Counselling journey to help you, help yourself and find that courage to change.

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