No one knows how you feel, when you pretend to be okay

At the end of #antibullying week, a be#kind reminder.

Someone can be secretly battling painful thoughts and emotions that no one knows nothing about, carrying untold feelings of hurt and sadness whilst pretending they are fine and that’s just how they try to cope.

It’s not helpful when others judge or assume they know what’s right for another person. Giving advice can be well-meaning by those around us however often it is just at best an ill-informed opinion and at worst can feel insensitive and offensive when coming from a place that lacks empathy and understanding.

Everyone #hurts,  in life, often it isn’t the case of judging situations as simply right or wrong, individual feelings are much more complex than that and we don’t know (unless a person chooses to share how they feel) what’s going on for another person.

We all have choices in life and some people choose to get to know themselves better and deal with their painful emotions and problems by seeking #counselling #therapy, others will choose to try to fight their own battles, #alone, #struggling and #unsupported. We can all try to be kind and understand that we all can face battles that nobody knows anything about